Galaxy Transfer per booklet

Copper Red variegated leaf is a composition metal leaf that has been heat-treated, chemically-treated or both to develop dazzling patinas and unique discolouration’s. 

This product is supplied as transfer leaf in booklets of 25 leaves; each leaf in the book is separated by sheets of rouged paper and is pressed on to waxed paper sheets for ease of use. In order to remove the leaf from the book we recommend you grab hold of the tab and gently remove.  Transfer leaf is suitable for gilding any flat surface, it is not suitable for intricate or delicate work where loose leaf would be recommended. 

Variegated leaf will tarnish over time and requires sealing to protect it, especially if the leaf is to be used outdoors or if the gilding is to be touched or handled regularly. We supply a number of lacquers and varnish that are suited for protecting metal leaf; in particular we recommend our specially developed varnish due to its hardwearing nature and ease of application. Please note that some of the colours of variegated leaf may alter in appearance when sealed, please test the leaf and any sealers before using it in any project.

Metal leaf
Dimensions 140 x 140 mm
Quantity 25 leaves per book
Coverage Approximately 0.5 m2 - 50 leaves per square meter
Composition 85% Copper 15% Zinc
Tarnishable Yes, this product will tarnish without a protective clear coating

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Galaxy Transfer per booklet

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