Selhamin Poliment Latium Blue 1KG Tub

Whether modern or classical, each work of art needs an individually matched frame to fully unfold its expression. To give you maximum freedom in the choice of the appropriate colour nuance, Selhamin Poliments are available in master quality and in many different colours. The range includes, for example, Calabrian black, Piedmont red, Ligurian yellow and Amalfi blue. Depending on your personal processing preferences, these Poliments are available in solid form as cones or in paste form packed in jars.

Before use, mix with a solution of lukewarm rabbit skin glue size or gelatin size, one volume of gilder's clay to two volumes of glue size. 

For best results, apply two or more coats of this solution onto a perfectly smooth substrate, such as gesso. When dry, gently remove any dust with a lightly dampened cotton cloth.

This product is also known as Bole or Gilders Clay.

Caution! - Never mix prepared glue in to the poliment tub, always take the amount that you need out of the tub and mix in a separate container as prepared glue expires a few days after being made.

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Selhamin Poliment Latium Blue 1KG Tub

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