Lefranc & Bourgeois Charbonnel Mixtion à dorer 3 Hour 75 ml

75 ml bottle (2.53 U.S. fl. oz.)

Clear, traditional, natural oil-based size made in France. LeFranc & Bourgeois has acquired an International reputation of being the best oil size available and experienced gilders demand LeFranc for their most important projects. LeFranc size has superior leveling and resistance properties and most predictable characteristics.

LeFranc 3 Hour Size reaches tack in 3-5 hours depending on film thickness, temperature and humidity. After reaching the proper gilding tack, it will remain open for gilding with genuine gold leaf for 4-6 hours. Allow the gilded surface to cure one week before sealing or glazing. Always stir LeFranc size before use. The driers in LeFranc size settle to the bottom of the container and must be stirred to produce a blended product.

Oil sizes are ready to gild when you tap your knuckle against the surface without disturbing the size or coming away with residue. Oil sizes may be thinned up to 10 percent with mineral spirits. If thinned, the drying time may be reduced. A soft hair brush is a must as it will produce a smooth even surface. Brushes are best cleaned with mineral spirits.

Porous surfaces should be sealed to create as smooth surface for gilding. Shellac is recommended for sealing gilded surfaces on interior work.

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Lefranc & Bourgeois Charbonnel Mixtion à dorer 3 Hour 75 ml

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