Edible 16 Karat Lemon Gold leaf Food grade Loose

This edible food-grade leaf is manufactured by us using the latest technology and respected traditions of the gold beating trade specifically for the food industry.

A booklet of loose gold leaf is made by placing each piece of gold leaf between thin sheets of rouged tissue paper. 

The chef can then remove one leaf at a time without disturbing the remaining leaves. It is normally removed from the booklet with a Gilder's tip, and applied with a Natural hair brush.

No animal products are used in the manufacturing process of Gold leaf.

Gold leaf
Karat 16 Kt
Colour White with a Lemon tinge
Size 80 x 80 mm (3.15 x 3.15 inches)
Quantity 25 leaves
E-number E175
Ingredients Composition 66.7% Fine Gold, 33.3% Fine Silver

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Edible 16 Karat Lemon Gold leaf Food grade Loose

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