Horsehair Cloth

A mildly abrasive cloth made from horsehair for polishing gesso or bole. The thickly woven cloth measures approximately 26 cm x 26 cm (10 in. x 10 in.) and is well suited for giving bole or gesso a final finish prior to water gilding. 

Horsehair refers to haircloth, a hard-wearing fabric made from horsehair. Haircloth is a stiff, inflexible fabric typically made from horsehair and/or from the woolly hair of a camel. Although horsehair generally refers to the hair of a horse's mane or tail, haircloth itself is sometimes called horsehair. Horse or camel hair woven into haircloth is used in antique upholstery and clothing, but it is widely used by gilders as a fine abrasive cloth.

Product of Germany.

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Horsehair Cloth

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