Colophony Rosin (Gum rosin) 500 grams

Colophony (also called gum rosin) is a dried and cleaned part of the resin obtained from pines and some other plants, mostly conifer trees. It is a brittle and transparent brownish or yellowish substance added to 'composition' to make the mixture elastic. (Rosin is a specific type of resin.)

This product is also used in making Abeego style food wraps. (Don't forget your Beeswax or Jojoba oil for making the wraps! - 1:8 ratio (resin:wax))

Click here for an excellent Food wrap How to recipe

Due to this Resin sometimes coming in large blocks, it can affect the postal charges.

Grade: WW
Origin: China
Also known as: Colophony, Greek Pitch, Pine Rosin, Pine Resin.

Other uses: Trapeze artists, Bull riders

NOTE: If making Beeswax wraps, melt slowly as otherwise this product will caramelise and no longer melt! it is also good practice to filter your hot mixture before using!

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Colophony Rosin (Gum rosin) 500 grams

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