Kolner Instacoll Clear base 100ml (Matte)

Matte Clear base 100 ml (3.38 fl oz)

Kölner Instacoll is a water-based, gilding adhesive (size) designed for interior and exterior leaf work where weather resistance and high gloss are important. It can be used on nearly all substrates that have been prepared using standard accepted techniques to create weather-resistant surfaces. Do not use Instacoll directly on glass outdoors. For indoor gilding it is sufficient to have or to prepare a non-porous surface. Agate burnishing is not possible nor even necessary.

It is recommended that you use patent gold (transfer gold leaf) with this product.

Instacoll (available in Clear and Yellow formulations) can be applied directly onto a non-porous surface without the necessity of preparing the surface with clay or bole. However, the surface should be very smooth, as irregularities in the surface will show through to the gilding. Once the Instacoll is completely dried, apply Instacoll Activator prior to gilding.

Prior to gilding Instacoll needs to be a completely dry film. This film must be activated with Instacoll Activator prior to leaf application, preferably patent gold (transfer gold leaf). After activating, the Instacoll surface is now prepared so that gold leaf will adhere well with a maximum burnish effect.

How to Apply Instacoll

Porous surfaces, such as bare wood, stone, plaster, etc. should first be coated with an Instacoll solution diluted with 15% water. After about 30 minutes of drying this coat can be covered with a more generous, full strength layer of Instacoll. Some porous materials need more than a simple pre-application of Instacoll to achieve a weather resistant coating.

• Apply Instacoll with a soft brush (nylon) or a sprayer. Dilute with 5 to 10% water if spraying.
• One or two evenly applied coats are sufficient. Each coat should be completely dry before applying the next layer.
• Wait at least one hour after application of the final Instacoll layer.
• After the last coat of Instacoll is applied you have about one hour of "open time" to apply the gold leaf without using the Activator.
• After the one hour "open time" you must use the Activator. You can activate the Instacoll surface repeatedly after one day, two weeks, six months, etc., and areas that have been activated can be activated again.
• Instacoll does not apply to itself seamlessly. Care must be taken when applying coats to ensure that it covers the previous layer completely. Additional coats can be added to cover any imperfections that may arise from its application, but once dry beyond the tack time, you can apply metal leaf to its surface by using Instacoll Activator. Visible blemishes cannot be eliminated once Instacoll dries.

When to Use Instacoll Activator

Instacoll Activator can be applied over Instacoll to revitalise the tack. The Activator can be applied at anytime. However, once the Activator has been used, the shine will be reduced substantially. Having the Instacoll Activator on hand is advisable if there will be a delay in gilding for more than an hour.

The ultimate mirror gloss is obtained when gilding is done on a smooth surface using cotton as the burnisher. An agate or hematite burnisher should not be used as it can scratch the surface of the gilded object. Burnishers may be used when gilding on paper or parchment, but follow your gilding instructor's recommendations on their use with Instacoll.

How to Use Instacoll Activator

• Activate the dry and tackless Instacoll surface with Instacoll Activator using a cotton rag moistened with Instacoll Activator. Rub the moistened rag across the Instacoll film until a very thin and even size film results. This film must be so thin that drying occurs in less than two minutes. Now you can apply gold leaf to the activated surface for about 50 to 60 minutes.

• Apply patent gold leaf (transfer gold leaf) by pressing and rubbing a cotton ball on the back of transfer paper. To continue gilding over a large surface, apply Activator over the next working surface. Overlap the Activator onto the just laid leaf to enable a seamless gilded surface. Always let the Activator dry before applying the next leaf.

• After the entire surface is covered with metal, rub the cotton ball again over the entire surface, especially the overlaps in the gold leaf. After this you can rub the surface with a cotton ball in one direction to get a "burnished" gilded appearance.

• Faults can be filled using the above method or by applying Instacoll Activator as described above.

• Use Instacoll Clear to improve results when you are not satisfied with the appearance of the laid leaf.

Using with Loose Gold Leaf (Surface Gold)

Loose gold leaf may applied if the gold is laid on the wet Instacoll Activator. Therefore the size should be brushed thinly but repeatedly. Similar to traditional water gilding, the leaf is immediately laid on the wet surface. After the surface has dried sufficiently, the leaf should be pressed again onto the surface with cotton. The resulting shine is not so brilliant as with the "dry gilding" described above.

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Kolner Instacoll Clear base 100ml (Matte)

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