Cosmetic Pigments

Cosmetic Pigments
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Berry Pink - 10 grams

Berry Pink is the perfect choice to create maximum colour and chroma. It offer..

$7.52 Ex Tax: $6.84

Diamond Black - 10 grams

Diamond Black is an innovative, dark pigment with a unique glossy shine and exce..

$12.12 Ex Tax: $11.02

Flaming Lights - 10 grams

Flaming Lights is a stunning deep red effect pigment for cosmetic applications, ..

$13.18 Ex Tax: $11.98

Frozen Jewel - 10 grams

Frozen Jewel is a silvery-white mass tone powder with silver sparkle effect. Per..

$10.20 Ex Tax: $9.27

Ice Crystal - 10 grams

Ice Crystal is a high-intensity silver-white pigment that adds a touch of cool e..

$5.27 Ex Tax: $4.79

Iconic Copper - 10 grams

Iconic Copper turns heads and catches the eye with added, unexpected impact. Why..

$17.84 Ex Tax: $16.22

Mica Black - 10 grams

This palette of black colour pigments is incredibly versatile. A selection of so..

$12.12 Ex Tax: $11.02

Moonlight Sparks - 10 grams

Inspired by the magical colours of the moon, the new effect pigment Moonlight Sp..

$22.76 Ex Tax: $20.69

Patina Silver - 10 grams

Patina Silver is a silvery powder that acts as a pearl lustre pigment. It combin..

$7.57 Ex Tax: $6.88

Quantum Gold - 10 grams

Quantum Gold is an interference pigment with golden multicolour and multi-dimens..

$5.27 Ex Tax: $4.79

Splendid Copper - 10 grams

Splendid Copper cosmetic pigment is an off-white coloured mineral pigment with c..

$6.93 Ex Tax: $6.30

Starluster - 10 grams

Starluster acts as a mineral pigment with silvery-white lustrous colour, It crea..

$2.85 Ex Tax: $2.59