Mixol tints

Mixol offers the highest quality Universal Tints on the market since 1962. Produced in Germany for more than 35 years, Mixol is compatible with almost any paint and coating. The full assortment of 33 colours mixes easily with shellacs, lacquers, primers and fillers.

Mixol is known for its high concentration of pigment, sophisticated colour palette, and ease of mixing. They are highly resistant to frost and heat damage. They have an indefinite shelf life, and because they are binder-free, they will not dry out or thicken.

Fifteen Mixol Oxide colours were created to meet the growing demand for adding colour to fast-drying varnishes and paints. Oxide colorants can even be used with cement and mortar and are colourfast and weatherproof.

Please choose from 20ml or 200ml units below.